📈 How I created a business in a week.


Hey friends,

This week I set myself a challenge to create a digital product that I can sell online in under a week. I spend hundreds—if not thousands—of hours revising for my medical school exams. I created a huge archive of notes, and they've been collecting dust since.

Let's put them to use and make them into a business.

Challenge 1: the name. Given that my target audience is University students, I went for: "Don't F*ck Finals". That should grab some attention.

Challenge 2: create a website from my Notion notes. I used the company super.so. Photoshop mockups (like the iPad below) make the site look so much more professional, and it only takes a few minutes to throw together. After 4 hours of experimenting, the site was done.

Challenge 3: gather payments and track memberships. I found that Memberspace was designed with this exact intention. 1 hour of work, and the logistical side was boxed off.

Take a look at the finished product at www.dontfckfinals.com.

This has been a great exercise in converting an idea into a product. Notion, Super and Memberspace made the process so easy. I hope these resources might be useful to you! Side hustles don't take as much time as you think, if you've had an idea I encourage you to give it a try.

Have a great week!

- Jack

🔊 Resonators

The Lucifer Effect (Shortform Summary)
This book is an exploration of evil. It's safe to assume that nobody we know would be willing to torture or murder an innocent person. Zimbardo blows that assumption to smithereens. He created the Stamford Prison Experiment where students acted as mock prisoners and prison guards. They quickly became consumed by their roles and their behaviour shifted massively.

The guards were surrounded by cues that reinforced their superiority; a set designed to disengage their sense of morality. This guard role overpowered their personality. Over a few days, they garnered a sense of disgust towards the prisoners, and were so cruel to the volunteers that they had to stop the experiment early.

Zimbardo argues that we underestimate the power of circumstances in converting ordinary people into heartless killers. Interesting food for thought.

Steven Bartlett - How to Pursue Yourself Ruthlessly and Make the Journey Back to Human (Podcast)
Life is like a roulette table. You have 500,000 chips—representing the number of hours in your lifespan. You have to understand that you're always making a tradeoff with your chips. This idea helped me visualise how I allocate my time, and prioritise where I want to make my investments this week.

What’s the problem with casual relationships? (Tweet)
Jordan Peterson is a psychologist and well-known modern thinker. He's discussing the emotional disconnection that comes with casual relationships. He shared the following piece of advice:

"Don't do anything with anyone sexually that you wouldn't talk to them about"

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