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How to Stop Fear from Paralysing You

Fear and anxiety affect all of us. In this video, I talk through the physiology of fear—how our hormones cause intense palpitations and sweating—and outline three ways I've been using to stop fear from limiting me.

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How to Stop Fear & Anxiety from Paralysing You
Fear can propel us or leave us in complete paralysis. It can lead to our best performances if we can embrace it, or our worst failures if we allow it to overcome us. I believe that with small steps, we can overcome the fear of pursuing our passions. Here’s the

Why You Should Read More Fiction

Fiction forces us to read and understand the background of a character before we see their actions. Their education, experiences and aspirations help us to empathise with their reasoning and rationale. This video is about how reading can affect your brain, empathy and imagination. Read the article here.