I'm Jack.

I'm a very enthusiastic and curious person. I grew up in Saudi Arabia which immediately immersed me in a different culture. That experience made me realise that our cultural norms are all subjective, and therefore should all be questioned.

Through school and University, I've questioned two key areas: health and business.

My dad worked in business—that's why we were in Saudi—he'd always come home and tell me about his deals and projects. I'd be fascinated. My mum is incredibly caring and worked as a nurse. She inspired me to explore a career in medicine.


I'm a Junior Doctor working in Manchester. I'm very passionate about providing accessible and reliable health advice to people, both in hospital and online.

I find conventional health education boring. I want the content I teach to be infectious, for the people to be so interested in it that they'd watch hours out of choice.

I'm still working on that. Not sure if I'll ever reach that point but I'm going to try.

Educating Medical Students

My first attempt at that is to make medical school education more interesting.

I love medicine because there's often—not always—a logical answer as to why a disease happens. If you understand the fundamentals of the system and diseases, you can understand the presentation and management.

My goal in creating Don't F*ck Finals was to create the blueprint that I needed to pass my exams. It outlines the foundations you need to understand each system of the body, then builds on them to provide complex management plans for the diseases that manifest.

Don’t F*ck Finals — Medical School Blueprints
We provide tools to elevate your understanding, build your confidence and prevent you from burning out.

Educating on Public Health

I've been making YouTube videos since 2015. I started by creating travel videos inspired by Casey Neistat and Sam Kolder. I realised through that process that I loved telling stories through video.

I explored video creation more by working for event companies across the U.K. I filmed at the PFA Awards and at O Beach, Ibiza. While this was fun, and was a good source of income in University, it didn't connect with my main hustle: medicine.

That's when I had the idea to combine videography and medicine through creating explainer videos. One of my first attempts at this was very successful, getting over 2 million views.

Currently, I'm struggling to balance working as a Junior Doctor with creating these videos. But, I plan to continue this in the future as it's something I'm very passionate about.


In 2021, I studied Management at Imperial College Business School. This helped me to understand accounting, finance, marketing and economics.

Through creating Don't F*ck Finals, I've been able to apply this knowledge and build on it. It's allowed me to learn website creation, pricing plans, payment processing and marketing. While I struggle to break even with it, I've learnt so much through the process that I'm so glad I've created it.

I'm currently learning from inspiring business people through being a member of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Programme. To see more of my academic background, add me on LinkedIn.