I'm a Junior Doctor working in Manchester. I'm very passionate about providing accessible and reliable health advice to people, both in hospital and online.

Don't F*ck Finals

I've created a comprehensive guide to passing medical school exams. I don't like boring names so I decided to go for the attention-seeking name Don't F*ck Finals.

Don’t F*ck Finals — Medical School Notes
A comprehensive guide to help you go into your medical school exams with complete confidence.

I made a video outlining how I made the website here:


In 2021, I studied Management at Imperial College Business School. This helped me to understand how businesses function and inspired me to build my own in the future.

I am now an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, using video to provide public health education and to document innovation within healthcare.

To see more of my academic background, add me on LinkedIn.


Inspired by Casey Neistat, I started uploading YouTube in 2015. This video describes my journey from then to now:

Event Videography

After making my first few YouTube videos, I began filming events. I've worked with from London to Ibiza.

Here's a couple of the videos I made: