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This is where I explore ideas. These aren't supported by hours of research; the only evidence here is my own experience.

How to Learn: A dangerously good tool for active recall

Through 5 years of University, I've realised that the key to learning is building paths back to information. I'd focused on refining input mechanisms, when the key to learning is streamlining output. Here's a tool to help you do just that.

How to learn: a dangerously good tool for active recall.
I used to think the key aspect of learning was input. I’d do this through writing copious notes, drawing beautiful spider diagrams and re-reading this content until I understood it. 5 years of University has changed my perspective. I’ve realised that the key to learning is building paths back to

How to Tell Better Stories Through Video

Video has always been my favourite way to communicate; it allows me to express a feeling. I'm pushing myself to make better videos through storytelling. In this video, I explore what I learned from Johnny Harris and Nathaniel Drew in their Visual Storytelling masterclass.

How I Make Lecture Notes with Notion

Through medical school I've spent hundreds—more likely thousands—of hours making lecture notes. Every piece of software has unique and useful features, but the flexibility and interface of Notion has been game-changing for me.

Why I'm Challenging Myself to Write More

The best communicators that I've met aren't those who use the fanciest words; they're the people whose thoughts on a subject are clear and logical. Here's how I plan to streamline my thought processes through writing.

Why I’m challenging myself to write more.
Good communication is highly underrated. If you want a job, you need to pass an interview. If you want to be a great manager, you need to inspire your employees. I would argue that there isn’t a single situation that couldn’t be improved with clearer communication. Yet, our formal education

Exploring 60 Years of Memories with my Grandad

This project was very personal to me. My Grandad handed down his film cameras that he bought when he was my age, cameras that are 60 years old. My mind was racing thinking about all the adventures they must have been on. All the memories that they've captured. This video is my exploration of these memories.