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Why the Interest?

Through medical school I've naturally gravitated towards neurology. Seeing patients with disorders of the brain and mind has left me wanting to understand them better. Over time, I've noticed that this drive for understanding is not just unique to myself, but shared with people across the world. This is where I gather information and share my thoughts on neurology. I hope it can be of value to you.

Does Brain Training Actually Work?

Ever wondered whether brain training has a positive effect, or whether it's just a ploy to make money? I explored that exact question in this video.

Reading Changes your Brain, let me explain.

In an effort to read more, I investigated the effects of reading on both memory and emotional regulation. Following my obsession of brain processing, I delved into how we process the words we read—from seeing them with your eyes, to understanding what they mean in context.

Coffee is great for your brain, unless...

I'm obsessed with coffee! It fuels every piece of work you see, including these words you're reading. Here's my exploration of how coffee affects the brain. Read the article here.