😵‍💫 Ridiculously Obsessive


Hey friends,

This week I want to talk about obsession. I've always been obsessive. It started with fire engines, then Star Wars, Guns N' Roses, Vanessa Hudgens (when puberty hit), and more recently YouTube.

Obsessions, for me, are an indicator that I love something. If I can't take my mind off it, that tells me I have to look into it more. Luckily, my infatuation with YouTube and building online is productive. There's definitely an alternate reality where I get infatuated by Fortnite or sniffing coke off bathroom floors—Jordan Belfort style. Luckily, that's not this reality.

I don't know if everybody else shares my obsessive tendencies, but the only way I can describe it is that when my mind has chance to wander, it's always towards a YouTube video idea or a way to improve my scripts. The issue I have is with balancing time with friends and family alongside that.

I hope you can pursue some productive obsessions this week, and balance them with the rest of your life (if you can, teach me your ways!).

🗓 What I'd Like to Share

How Coffee Shops Boost Your Creativity
Tonight I'm releasing a video about how coffee shops can impact your productivity and creativity. This could be construed as me justifying my ridiculous spending on coffee. That's not wrong.

🔊 Resonators

How To Find Your Ikigai And Transform Your Outlook On Life And Business (Blog)
Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means reason for being. I love this concept because it addresses a thought I've had on work: "In 10 years, I desperately don't want to look around and think f*ck I hate my job".

Our jobs can often be the combination of what we're good at and what we can be paid for—our professions. Ikigai aims to combine those with what we love and what the world needs, to form a rewarding and fulfilling career.

Fuck Your Feelings (Blog)
Have you ever had a feeling about a feeling? That's what Mark Manson calls a meta-feeling—and he's not a huge fan of them. Here are the 4 main types:

  1. Feeling bad about feeling bad
  2. Feeling bad about feeling good
  3. Feeling good about feeling bad
  4. Feeling good about feeling good

Feeling good about feeling good propels your ego, applauding your pride. Guilt and shame are born out of feeling bad about your good feelings. I know I should be f*cking my feelings, but I detest this one. Feeling good about feeling bad. The modern martyrs. The people who—no matter the situation—are always a victim. I recommend giving this a read, it's definitely good food for thought.

The Day You Became a Better Writer (Video)
Scott Adams has lots of tips for becoming a better writer, these are my favourites:

  1. Essentials only: Imagine somebody came up to you and said: "I'll give you $100 for every word you can take out of your writing that keeps the meaning the same." I could make a lot of money. I love a pointless adverb.
  2. Brevity = Brilliance: A good argument in 5 sentences is much better than a brilliant argument in 500. Keep it brief. It makes you sound smarter.

💬 Quote

"The price of growth is outgrowing people. In practice, it’s nearly impossible to “grow together” as true growth requires obsession."

— Naval Ravikant